08 Nov 2017

The School Bus Project

With the rise of consumer technology and transport services that are a mere tap away, Tong Tar has taken this opportunity in stride by committing to keep up with the latest technological advancements in order to implement further convenience and added efficiency.

For starters, Tong Tar has teamed up with Overdrive, a Singaporean-owned Internet of Things (IoT) company to create The School Bus Project, a program that seeks to ensure the safety of children travelling to and from school on their own.

How it works

In being able to keep track of students’ safety whilst they are traveling on the bus, the Company is also able to keep an eye on all participating bus services as well as affording the opportunity for them to monitor their vehicles’ activities such as mileage, bus drivers’ identification, etc.

Greater Efficiency for Bus Services


Our bus drivers play a large part in ensuring the safety of its children passengers and this is further heightened with the School Bus app.

Through the App, they can worry less about tedious operations such as taking attendance and focus on road safety, and thanks to the boarding system and parents being able to send notifications via the App should their children be absent, drivers are also able to quickly modify their route and shorten waiting time for other passengers.

Furthermore, they are also able to use the App to ensure that every student is accounted for throughout the journey, ensuring that no boy or girl is left behind.

On average, Tong Tar has also found that fleet management has saved as much as 15 minutes per job allocation (from 20 minutes previously), showcasing improved efficiency across the board.

There are also a lot of benefits for end users of the App, such as the participating schools and the parents.

The App affords more transparency for schools, who are often the first point of contact whenever parents are enquiring about their children. Rather than having to manually collaborate with the bus drivers as they had been previously, they are now able to accurately track the whereabouts of the students on the bus through the App.

Parents are also able to constantly check to ensure themselves of their safety as their children travel to and from school. Additionally, parents can use the app to track the approximate time of arrival of the bus to give them enough time to prep their child for school, and even arrange for a guardian to be ready to receive their child as they alight the bus after school.

Speak to a Tong Tar representative and register your school for the School Bus Project now.